Investment objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to provide investors with superior risk adjusted returns by emphasizing capital growth, and invests primarily in equity and debt obligations in emerging markets, often identified primarily in CIS. In addition, the Investment Manager has full discretion to invest the Fund’s assets in a variety of financial instruments, including equities, bonds and derivative instruments, including options and futures, swap contracts, forward contracts, currencies and currency forward contracts, repurchase agreements, as well as listed and over-the-counter options and derivative instruments (including credit derivatives) and shares in other investment vehicles and unlisted companies. Assets may, to the extent deemed appropriate by the Investment Manager, be retained in deposit, call or current account or invested in short-term instruments such as commercial paper.

The Fund and the Investment Manager may not engage in investment strategies in which leverage is utilized. The Investment Manager may not undertake short-term or long-terms borrowings secured by any of the assets of the Fund. 

The Fund seeks to achieve its objective primarily by locating, analyzing and investing in new, as well as established private growth-orientated enterprises located in abovementioned markets. The Fund might hold, sell, distribute or otherwise trade securities of such enterprises to realize, over a medium to long-term investment cycle of 5-10 years, significant capital appreciation.


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Non - solicitation

All invitations to subscribe for or to purchase Shares in the Fund will be made strictly on a private basis. No such invitation to subscribe for Shares in the Fund shall be generally circulated, nor shall subscriptions be solicited from members of the public.